Specialities of specially manufactured Hot Water Bottle by OPQ

Specialities of specially manufactured Hot Water Bottle by OPQ

Material Description: Hot Water Bottle(Hot Water Bag), 2 Litre capacity, Rib/Plain Design with Metal Cap which can be supplied in OPQ brand or unbranded or in any specific brand.

  • Rib/Plain – Very advantageous hot water bag design: 

For filling a Hot Water Bag, we are supposed to use warm water, not the boiling water, (temperature around 85-degree centigrade). Just after filling with warm water, the Rib side is applied to the human body because the ribs restrict the heat transfer from the bag to the human body. After sometime when the warm effect from the rib designed side is reduced the plain side is applied to the human body as this side still emits warmth as this design allows greater heat transfer rate.

  • Rib design – Commanding and Useful design

The rib design in a hot water bottle is a very important aspect before deciding to buy one of these hot water bottles. The height and depth of the Crest and Trough of the V groove in Rib design are the most important design aspects which need to be considered before buying any hot water bottle. is very important. In most of the Hot Water Bag available in the market, the ribs are of lesser height and widely spaced for reducing the compound weight as well as the product cost. There are instances where it has been seen that the ribs do not have any tensile strength, instead, they get torn off even with the slightest pressure from human hands. This design of rib causes a fast rate of heat transfer resulting in poor heat retention property. Due to the correct design of ribs in our premium quality Hot Water Bag, the heat retention property is higher and a better soft feeling is experienced.

  • Metal Cap is any day superior to Plastic Cap:

If asked to any knowledgeable person, the difference in the longevity of plastic compared to metal, it is known that the answer would be metal. Due to successive heating & cooling, plastic cap undergoes repeated expansion & contraction and thus huge thermal stress is generated developing sudden cracks. This is very much undesirable for the users particularly the hilly people and the persons to whom a Hot Water Bag is not readily available against his sudden requirement. These types of users always prefer a long-lasting product. In our last 20 years dealing with Hot Water Bag, we did not get a single case of failure of Bush & Stopper made of Brass. The metal stopper or cap and the bush has a longer life than the plastic cap. If the plastic cap is once broken, whatsoever good condition the hot water bottle be in, it becomes unusable.

Another issue with the plastic cap is the chance of being non-leakproof. The threads of metal bush & stopper are so tightly fitted that not a single case has been found for water leaking through the metal thread. But we have noticed several instances in the market of water leaking through the plastic cap. This is due to the disfiguring of the plastic stopper under thermal stress and strain while in use.

  • Very satisfactory ESCR ( Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance) property:  We take care of the five effects of environment namely Oxygen, Ozone, Heat, Light and UV Rays. The formulation of raw material used in our manufacturing facility is very much competent in dealing with environmental factors. Because of these environmental consequences, the principal effect on the hot water bag is as follow:
    • surface cracks under stress in the neck portion
    • fading of colour due to the use of non-heat resistant low-cost colour
    • increased stiffness, stickiness and excessive enhancement of hardness and reduction of strength properties

These are the indications of polymer degradation. Use of cheaper raw material does not involve the inclusion of chemicals which protects the products from these adverse environmental effects. This has been clinically tested by renowned laboratories. All these products pass their consecutive testes to deliver a longer product life. Using a cheaper composition, the product will most obviously entail the above mentioned environmental factors. 

  • Wall thickness:

We maintain the wall thickness within 1.4 mm to 1.6 mm satisfying the BIS Specification. Many suppliers’ products in the market are found to be having wall thickness even lesser than 1.1 mm to reduce the price. But such low thickness does not have the required strength to withstand the body pressure and cause the ballooning effect at the time of holding pressure on the Hot Water Bag surface.

Due to this effect, instead of properly sitting of the body part on the hot surface, the balloon shape actually tries to remove the body part. Due to lowering of thickness, the cushioning effect or soft comfort feeling reduces and the heat retention property also diminishes which is a very important criterion among all quality parameters. 

  • Effects on environment condition

To reduce the cost of the material, manufacturers especially Chinese manufacturers, blend plastic which is regenerated or recycled in most situations. This recycled plastic mixed with rubber gives carcinogenic effects to the point of contact with a human body. There is enormous evidence related to this.

  • Size matters:

In most situation, the volume, length and width of a low-cost hot water bottle is being misinformed. In most situations, the people who are selling the hot water bottle in India are so illiterate that they themselves do no understand the importance of the size of the hot water bottle. In some cases, the merchants of these low-cost hot water bottle are the ones who are being misguided by the volume of water content in the hot water bag. This reduction in size reduces greatly the application area of the hot water bag.

  • Importance and requirement of rubber washer with the cap:

The rubber washer which partners with the metal cap provides another layer of protection against the hot water leakage. Most of the hot water bag manufacturers do not provide any washer. We, on the contrary, provide one extra washer. On top of that, we also provide thread which keeps the metal stopper and the extra washer to be devoid of being lost. We also provide a hole on the bottom of the hot water bottle which is mainly utilised in storing the material after its use. The hot water bottle needs to be stored in a hanging position with upside-down fashion so that the water is drained out completely.

All our products manufactured in our facility are totally bio-degradable and environment friendly as the material is manufactured out of natural rubber from the rubber tree or Hevea brasiliensis.

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