Medical Water Bed

3,500.00 1,400.00

Brand: OPQ

Colour: Beige (Colour may change), Printed

Material: Natural rubber and fabric

Size: Standard Size

Weight: 3500 grams

Sales Package Contents: One Medical Water Bed, Repairing Kit

Origin Country: India

Suitable for: Adult of all genders

Precautions: Do not store the medical water bed filled with air or water, do not move the water bed when the product is filled with water – this makes the product susceptible to getting a leak.

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OPQ medical waterbed provides a cool and soothing sensation to bedsore patients. The patients who need to lie on the bed for a long time need to use this product. It is also used by burn patients. Doctors also recommend this bed to pregnant women and people with specialist forms of allergic reactions. As the filling material is water, if cold water is used, it provides a cooling effect. The possibility of developing bedsore is eliminated with the use of OPQ medical water bed as it adapts to the shape of the body but vice versa does not occur. It is completely leak-proof, comfortable, hygienic and durable and ensures optimal blood circulation.

The OPQ medical water bed is manufactured out of fabric being coated with rubber. It can be filled with water directly from the tap water and the required accessories for doing the same is present in the kit provided with the medical water bed. The short pipe and the extension of any tap are required for filling up the water bed with water before use. It is recommended to change the water in the medical bed every seven days if the water bed is being used continuously. The water bed is completely washable with hands and is advised not to use washing machines for the same. If the water bed is covered with a mackintosh better known as rubber hospital sheet, then there is a chance of better shelf life for the product.

This product can alternatively be used as a leisure bed. By inflating the bed with air this bed can be used to float on water(safely on still water). Leisure bed is being widely used around the different high-end hotels, swimming pools, leisure centres etc.

The main raw materials of the product – the fabric, the natural rubber and the chemicals are very carefully chosen so that they pose no threat of any kind of infection to any of its users. The product is transportable and is capable of carrying a weight of more than 150 kg. The product is completely odourless and is safe for the patients to use both in the nursing home or hospital and at home.

It has three compartments – pillow, neck and thorax rest, lower body rest. The length is 180 cm and the breadth is 90 cm. It is lightweight and leak-proof. It is very important to note that the bed should not be moved when water is filled in it.



OPQ provides a replaceable manufacturer’s warranty.


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