Hospital Rubber Sheet

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Brand: OPQ

Colour: Dual Colour – Red Green (Preferably)

Material: Fabric coated with natural rubber on both sides

Size: 1 metre (Standard Size)

Weight: 300 grams

Sales Package Contents: One Mackintosh Rubber Sheet

Origin Country: India

Suitable for: All ages

Precautions: Do not keep the mackintosh sheet wet for a longer period of time

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Mackintosh, as is also known to all of us as Rubber Hospital Sheet, is a double colour rubber sheet used to protect the bed from getting wet. It is mainly being used in the hospitals, nursing homes or at home. The patients who are susceptible to wet the bed or the mattress are given this hospital sheet. In most advanced hospitals and nursing homes, it is being used also to protect the bed from any kind of infections. Mackintosh or OPQ Hospital Sheet as we call it is a rubber sheet which is manufactured by coating a fabric on both sides separately. Generally, the colour of the two sides being coated with rubber is either green-blue, blue-red, green-red. We can change the colour according to the customer requirement if there is any bulk order.

OPQ Mackintosh is generally used as a waterproof sheet. It is used both in the hospital/nursing home and at home when the patient is at home.

There are 5 different qualities that we manufacture according to our buyer’s requirement and hence we are capable of delivering whatever is required from the buyer. The width of the OPQ Mackintosh has two different variations – 36” and 42”. All these variations mentioned here are for bulk order. In here we only offer the variant with a breadth of 36”. This variant has a quality of the material which will survive for more than 3 years if taken care cautiously.

Mackintosh is washable with hands and we do not promote washing the mackintosh in the washing machine. The mackintosh should never be left in wet conditions. At least it should be wiped off with a dry cloth before storing it. Mackintosh should also be avoided by being kept in a folded fashion. This leads to marks in the folded region and then eventually they break from those regions. The mackintosh should not come under immense pressure which might result in it into getting torn away.



OPQ provides a replaceable manufacturer’s warranty.


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