Baby Waterproof Sheet

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Brand: OPQ

Colour: Printed

Material: Natural rubber coated with thin fabric

Size: 1 meter (Standard Size)

Weight: 300 grams

Sales Package Contents: One Baby Waterproof Sheet

Origin Country: India

Suitable for: Babies

Precautions: Do not keep the baby changing sheet wet for a longer period of time

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OPQ Baby Waterproof sheet is manufactured out of pure rubber sheets being backed with fabric. This fabric is being used just to give strength to the pure rubber sheet. It is actually used to increase product life.

Babies till the age of at least 4 years of age are vulnerable to wetting their bed or mattress. This is something happening all time. But if the mattress or the baby bed is wet, it starts smelling and at the same time, the product life is decreased a lot. So the OPQ baby waterproof sheet is used to protect the bed or the mattress or the cradle in which the baby is being carried. The product is easily washable and can be dried by wiping it with a dry cloth. So the ease of use of the product is very high. It has a shelf life of 3-4 years, all the precautions are followed.

OPQ Baby waterproof sheet is manufactured out of all biodegradable, environment friendly and non-reactive raw materials which helps it to be odourless. The plastic sheets used for the same purpose is strictly prohibited by any child specialist as this product is firstly harmful to the environment and at the same time also harmful for the child skin. If a child is exposed to plastic for long hours then the baby skin becomes susceptible to getting problems like itching, irritations leading to infection.

The prints and the colours in which the OPQ Rubber Waterproof Sheet is available is very much attractive to the kids. The prints consist of various cartoonists designs which the children are watching in various kinds of video sources.

This is a must-have for all the families with babies in the household. It is also a very good gift option for anyone who is either conceived, pregnant or has just delivered a baby.



OPQ provides a replaceable manufacturer’s warranty.

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