B P Arm Bag

200.00 130.00

Brand: OPQ

Colour: Green (Colour may change)

Material: Natural Rubber

Size: Standard Size

Weight: 300 grams

Sales Package Contents: One B. P. Arm Bag

Origin Country: India

Suitable for: Adult of all genders

Precautions: Do not store the b. p. bag filled with air

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B.P. Arm bags or armlets are present within the machines used for measuring the blood pressure of an individual. The machine is called a sphygmomanometer. OPQ branded B. P. Arm bag is manufactured at our facility in Kolkata, West Bengal. We use pure rubber and carefully tested chemicals to manufacture B. P. bag. It is not made of latex which is generally imported from either China or Bangladesh. The b. p. armlet bags manufactured out of latex has a very little shell life compared to its negligible difference in price to the OPQ b. p. bag. Beware of the PVC material used in manufacturing the b. p. arm bag which is not at all environment friendly. Customers should not be trapped in a fake warranty of 2 years and should choose the product wisely. OPQ branded B. P. Monitor Arm Bag can be used with different types of blood pressure monitoring devices such as manual mercury B.P Monitor, Aneroid B.P. Monitor, LED B.P. Monitor. This product is strong and durable and has a shelf life or around 3-4 years. The product is fully moulded and is not joined from all sides, unlike the competitor’s similar product. We give a 100% guarantee against any sort of leakage. All the products are checked 100% and quality control is done at the time of manufacturing. OPQ B. P. Arm bag can be used with multiple patients consecutively. OPQ B. P. Bag works equally well in hospitals, nursing homes or home health care. The product poses no threat to any kind of allergy or infection to its users. It is great for personal use, home use, travel and office. Generally, the colour of the product is green but if there is any special requirement we are always ready to manufacture the same. Any shape and size of any colour is possible to manufacture according to any special requirement. All human beings should periodically check their blood pressure and it is not at all difficult to get to know how a sphygmomanometer works.



OPQ provides a replaceable manufacturer’s warranty.


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