Air Cushion Ring

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Brand: OPQ

Colour: Red

Material: Natural Rubber

Size: 45 cm

Weight: 450 grams

Sales Package Contents: One moulded rubber air cushion ring

Origin Country: India

Suitable for: Adult of all genders

Precautions: Do not store the air cushion ring filled with air

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OPQ All Rubber Molded Air Cushion Ring is a ring-like structure which is mainly used by the piles patient. Another name of piles is haemorrhoids. The piles is a collection of inflamed tissue in the anal canal. This causes bleeding and discomfort through support tissue, muscle, blood vessels and elastic fibres near the anus and rectum. Someone with piles can not sit on a hard surface as it hurts them a lot. For this, an air cushion ring has been made.

It can also be used by people who are required to sit for long hours, as a preventive measure against the spondylosis. More than one in every five citizens of India has spondylosis these days. OPQ Air Cushion Ring can also be used as an aid for learning swimming. Children would be safe with OPQ Air Cushion Ring while they are learning how to swim. This product is nicely moulded out of natural rubber and carefully tested and certified chemicals which have no odour and have no such element which can cause any kind of infection or harm to the users skin.

OPQ Air Cushion Ring is a circular tube-like structure which balances the entire pressure of the body. It allows people with disability or pain to sit on any surface they want.

The product is very lightweight and is easy to transport. It does not take much space in a travel bag. The product is made out of natural rubber and chemicals carefully tested to avoid any kind of infection towards the skin. It is required to be inflated with air before use and then after use, all the air needs to be deflated out of the product. Neither inflation or deflation requires any kind of mechanical help. Most humans can do it with their mouth. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the place where the mouth is placed needs to be clean and clear.  The product can withstand a weight of more than 150 kg. The product is washable with hands and washing machines should be avoided. OPQ Air Cushion Ring being round in nature, it has no sharp ends and is safe in all circumstances.



OPQ provides a replaceable manufacturer’s warranty.


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