Machinery Details

Rubber products can be broadly divided into tyres and non-tyre rubber products. We at Krishna Waterproof manufacture non-tyre rubber products. We are a pioneer in custom-made moulded, extruded and calendered rubber products. We are also specialised in producing all main kinds of adhesives which are best on the surfaces like rubbers and elastomers, metal, plastic, wood, porous surfaces. In Krishna Waterproof our main motivation is to optimise quality along with the cost of any rubber product we come across.

We have access to a cheap workforce which is trained to deliver on time while maintaining the quality of the product. They are well trained to keep the production environment optimised, so as to reduce the probability of rejection or second-grade products. We in Krishna Waterproof love to keep the machine floor clean, clear and safe to avoid any kind of mishaps. We abide by the ISO 9001:2015 certificate norms. We have got active firefighting instruments in our facility. We have insurance towards whatever we manufacture. We also abide by the Factories Law 1948. In our factory environment, we try to incorporate preventive maintenance, keeping all the testing and production machines calibrated. We are in a constant endeavour to maintain employee motivation by incentivising them. We strictly follow the rule of accepting only trained employees by having a constant check on their identity, competence, training. This thrives a lot for customer satisfaction. So we love to keep track of each and every aspects of manufacturing.

Conversion of a combination of natural rubber and the required chemicals involve compounding, mixing, shaping, vulcanizing. Our machinery list includes the following:

  1. 18” x 24” – Single daylight hydraulic press – can produce high mould pressure
  2. 10” x 10” – double daylight
  3. 18” x 18” – double daylight
  4. 24” x 26” – double daylight
  5. 36” x 36” – double daylight
  6. Hand Press (Electrical) – single daylight
  7. 2 roll Mixing Mill – 12” x 30”
  8. Kneader Machine – 25 litre
  9. 3” Extruder – with a conveyor system
  10. 1.5” Extruder – with a conveyor system
  11. Vulcaniser – 8ft x 7 ft
  12. Vulcaniser – 5ft x 4ft
  13. 3 bowl calendar – 54”
  14. 100 KVA generator
  15. Conveyor Belt
  16. Heating Chambers
  17. Ageing oven – 300-degree centigrade capacity with an air circulation system
  18. Tensile Tester – 250 Kg capacity
  19. Hardness Tester, shore A