Hot water bag comparison between Duckback, Coronation, OPQ and the China imported quality

Hot water bag comparison between Duckback, Coronation, OPQ and the China imported quality

All the hot water bottles available in the general Indian market may be divided into two to three segments:

  • Premium quality made according to the BIS 
  • Mediocre quality but close to BIS quality
  • Extremely low quality – raw material being mixed with recycled plastic

The cost of the hot water bottles also depends upon the cap and the cap holder in the throat region. These caps are of three different types depending upon the cost reduction. 

  • Cap and the cap holder both being made of metal (preferably brass)
  • Cap being made of plastic and the cap holder being made of metal
  • Cap and the cap holder both being made of plastic

To reduce the cost of the material some other modifications are also done. Previously, there used to be a rubber washer attached with the cap, to ensure 100% leakage proof. There used to be another washer attached with the cap. On top of this the cap used to attached with the hot water bottle to ensure that it does not get misplaced. There used to be a hole in the back and front of the hot water bottle, to hang it upside down after its use. That hole is also missing in the modern-day cheap hot water bottle. 

To add to all this there are some other factors associated with the lowering of the cost of the hot water bottle. Companies like electronics giant Apple and e-commerce giant Amazon are also taking advantage of the easy to break labour law of China. Workers in China are made of work in harsh conditions and are paid way to less than any other developing or developed country. 

On top of all these before buying any product which has been in any way being imported from China or being manufactured in China, we should understand the fact that this act of ours is only increasing Chinese economy and disabling ours. China is, in turn, utilising this economy by going into a state of the war situation, with India. China has utilised this economy in killing 20 Indian Jawans along the Line of Actual Control

Coming back to the issue with raw material, the hot water bottle, from its inception,  was manufactured from natural virgin rubber coming straight from the Hevea brasiliensis commonly known as the rubber tree. But in the present situation, to reduce the cost of the raw material, polyvinyl chloride i.e. PVC or as commonly known as plastic is being mixed with the natural rubber. Many rubber technologist does not even have an idea about this but the Chinese industries have utilised a study done on this in the TATI University. Though this decreases the raw material cost to a massive one third, this brings in many health hazards along with some bio-degradability issue. Plastic imposes carcinogenic effects on both the production workers and the users. As China made hot water bottles have plastic infused in it, and the hot water bag remains in contact with the skin, the plastic content in the bag may cause 

Plastic takes around 1000 years to decompose. This causes presence of plastic in all forms in whichever direction one can see. Plastic is ruining the life of fish in the ocean. Animals being unable to differentiate, end up consuming plastic, which leads to their death. This in turn gradually demolishes the ecosystem. The consequences of buying China imported hot water bag leads to all the above environmental health hazard.
So we must stop buying the low-cost hot water bags and buy the all rubber made hot water bag. This may give the customers a little more pocket pinch, but it gives the customer

  • safety
  • durability
  • warranty for manufacturing defect of 2 years or more
  • shelf life of more than 5-7 years if the product is stored in proper conditions(mentioned in the product packing).
  • protection from health hazards as mentioned before
  • joy of being able to contribute to the anti-plastic movement
  • exhibit patriotism by supporting the Indian economy and keeping aside the Chinese economy

It is suggested to buy hot water bags from Indian manufacturers and if you like our brand you may purchase from this website only.

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