Customer Testimonial

Krishna Waterproof is a manufacturer of all sorts of moulded, extruded and calendered rubber products. Our managing director is an IIT Kharagpur alumni. We have got retired bank officials and public sector company top officials in our team of promoters. We are also associated with a top-notch Chartered Accountant to look after all our taxations and accounts.

Krishna Waterproof is a Govt of West Bengal registered SSI unit employing more than 30 workers. It is a sister concern of OPQ Rubber Udyog Pvt. Ltd. It is a proprietorship company. We are teamed up with rubber technicians who keep a close eye on the quality control of each and every raw material and in the process the quality control of the finished product. We have got ITI (Industrial training institute) trained personnel in our production line. They are responsible to keep a close track of maintaining all the parameters of the manufacturing process. Our full-time accountant keeps track of all the accounting jobs. Again we have got a full-time factory floor report generator. The feedback provided, in the process, are utilised by the top officials to keep better control of our manufactured craving. Our manufacturing facility is 15 years old and we are one of the largest manufacturers of Hot Water Bag in India.

Presently Krishna Waterproof deals with surgical and health care rubber products namely Hot Water Bg, Medical Water Bed or Pressure Sore Preventive Bed, Hospital Sheet, B. P. Bag, Pure Rubber Sheet, Air Pillow, Air Cushion Ring. Besides this, some of the industrial products that we manufacture regularly are extruded profile and channel, tyton gasket, rice polisher, rubber bellow, rubber diaphragm, rubber mounting, O-ring etc. We are mainly engaged into manufacturing moulded, extruded, calendered and vulcanized products using the basic raw materials namely Viton, Silicon, PVC/ NBR, CPE, Polyurethane, ACR, EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and many other general purposes and special purpose polymer.

Krishna Waterproof has a lot of valued customers which include Bengal Waterproof Ltd (Duckback), Bihar Rubber Company limited (BRC Cruiser), Indian Explosives Ltd(Orica), Electrosteel Castings Ltd etc. We regularly supply to distributors in Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Siliguri, Guwahati, Rajasthan, Patna and other states in India. We are more into manufacturing and pioneered the field so well that we have come up with a Chinese substitute for many of the consumer products that we sell. We have got a patented Hot Water Bag design which is a substitute for Chinese hot water bag in price but better than its quality in all perspective.

Being a 15-year-old company, we have gained a lot of credentials in the raw material market along with the dealer distributor network. Krishna Waterproof is a reputed name in the rubber industry. We have pioneered in manufacturing various rubber products. On top of this, we have got a great research and development team partnered with some international organisations. We are constantly rediscovering the production methodology and the latest rubber mixing components and technology. We can do all the important testing in-house. We regularly take part in most of the All India Rubber Industries Association – AIRIA programs.

Supriyo K Ghosh is running the business for more than 15 years now. The milestone products that we have manufactured are Duckback branded Hot Water Bottle (applying our in-house technology and design) for Bengal Waterproof Limited, Tyton Gasket for Electrosteel Castings Limited, Hot Water Bottle (Jointless,100% leak-proof, Patented, the first time in India) for Bihar Rubber Company LTD, Profile and Channel (Based on ESCR elastomer) and Mounting (Transfer moulded) for Hyundai Motor India Limited. He has also developed EPDM Bush – Con & Neoprene Sleeve for Indian Explosives Ltd (Orica, an Australian Co). We have also supplied Ferrul & O ring to Wooden product Exporter and done job work for different suppliers of Defence, Railway, Oil India Ltd, NTPC etc.

Krishna Waterproof has manufactured & supplied products in the rice polisher market as well. We manufacture and supply Rice Polisher in the local market. We are also dealing in rubber rice roller which is required in the rice mills for rice production. In the process of developing so many products, we have also designed rubber blower required to blow the sleeping bag. These are the special lightweight sleeping bags tailor-made for the Indian Army.

In Krishna Waterproof, production of all sorts of adhesives is being done in-house. Catering to the modern industrial requirements we have come up with new developments in rubber compoundings which have optimised the heat, chemical wear and impact resistance. The most compatible surfaces where we have tested our adhesives on are rubbers and elastomers, metal, plastic, wood, porous surfaces. We are in the process of testing our custom made adhesives on surfaces like Ceramics and glass, concrete and masonry, paper and paperboard, leather, textiles, composite materials etc. We have also developed the following list of items.

  1. Teflon bonded rubber rope for a shipbuilding company
  2. Dock fenders  for port
  3. Moulded radiator hose for the automobile industry
  4. Transparent rubber connector for the saline controller (Romson)
  5. Mounting for goods vehicle for TELCO 
  6. Viton/silicon o ring and gasket for NTPC for 170-degree centigrade ASTM 3 oil
  7. Nitrile rubber rod for using as pressure cooker Gasket
  8. Roller Lining & Tank lining for Chemical & Steel plant
  9. Idler/ side guide roller for conveyor system
  10. Printing Roller
  11. Sponge Profile for Railway Engine
  12. Sponge Sheet for structural use namely for Soundproof generator body, Transformer laying
  13. Rubber Roof sheet for gardening on the roof
  14. Rubber Boat for Defence
  15. Specialised rubber tube with the perforated disk for Hyundai, Chennai
  16. Diaphragm for railway

We are going to launch commercially, some high tech products namely 

  1. Transparent Hot Water Bottle cum Ice Bag (two in one), already Patented with high aesthetic feeling and very high heat retention property
  2. Rice roller with very high peel strength and homogeneity causing the least chance of failure
  3. Very low-cost products as import substitution to compete with big importers from China maintaining the quality within the expectation of Indian buyer unlike the foreign suppliers
  4. Mounting